About me

Born and raised in the heart of Londontown, I have had a love for photography for as long as I can remember. In 2012 I eventually plucked up the courage to finally pick up my SLR to embark on my photography journey and made a commitment to be immersed.


I believe that photography is a special kind of art, where at a single click of a button memories can be captured in an instant.  For me, that was the inspiration that started it all (and I might also add Monica Gellar's goal to take more photos had a part to play! You know... "The one with the new year's resolutions")!


Apart from photography, you can probably guess that I am a Friends fan and yes, I have seen every single episode! I also enjoy music and play a tad bit of guitar.  I love London (my home) , Philippines (my heritage) and Malta (for its beauty). New York is pretty awesome too (for its crazy vibrancy and energy!). I am a food lover, the one who normally says "I don't mind" as I literally don't mind especially if it means trying something new! 


Back to photography! I have had the wonderful pleasure of being featured on one of UK's popular wedding blogs, Whimsical Wonderland Weddings. My style is simple and often a combination of classic and reportage as I enjoy the romance of capturing the sincerity in the stills and I prefer to shoot in natural light for its delicacy.


I hope that's ok for now and thanks for visiting :)


Many thanks,

Kim x